While each of these real-life stories focuses on an individual experience, they all share a common component: in each case continuous heart monitoring provided insight that led to an informed treatment plan and greater peace of mind.

How might the right information shape your story?

Personal Stories


William experienced an ambulance trip, multiple visits to the hospital, and appointments with various types of physicians. Multiple tests showed nothing.

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Concerned for her children’s safety and what might happen if she blacked out while alone with them, Kymberli was determined to find out the reason for her fainting episode.

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After blacking out and slamming his truck into the side of a bridge, Stephen experienced a roller coaster of fruitless tests.

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At the hospital, Forrest had a number of tests that showed no health issues.

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Kelli credits the Reveal ICM with saving her life.

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With her fainting under better control, Debbie is back to practicing ballet.

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Gail was nervous to have the Reveal ICM placed, so she was surprised when the procedure was simple.

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For years, Lloyd continued to be concerned in the spring that he would have an episode.

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