Hopefully the Reveal LINQ System has become a worry-free part of your routine. But, just in case, we want to provide answers to questions that may arise:

Do I need wireless Internet access or a cellular data plan?

No, the MyCareLink Monitor has built-in wireless technology to connect to global satellite signals that transmit the data to your doctor. There is no cost to you for data transmission.

What if my screen displays an error message with the cellular signal bars?

This may mean your monitor is not receiving an adequate cellular signal. You can try a couple adjustments:

  • Try changing the orientation of the monitor
  • Try changing the location of the monitor so it is close to a window or outside wall but still within the recommended 6.5 ft (2 m) of where you sleep.

What about an error screen with a phone icon and the Medtronic logo?

This is a system error. It does not mean that there is a problem with the Reveal LINQ ICM. Restart the monitor by unplugging the monitor. If restarting your monitor does not work, contact Medtronic.

What if I can’t get to my Patient Assistant right away?

If you can’t get to it within 5 minutes or so, just write down the date and time of your symptoms and share this with your doctor during your next visit.

I used my Patient Assistant. How can I be sure my clinic got the information?

The Patient Assistant is only used to mark symptoms in the Reveal LINQ ICM. The information is then sent by your MyCareLink Monitor during your next automatic transmission. Your doctor may also ask you to send a manual transmission.

How do I get the information off of the Patient Assistant?

You don’t need to. The information is stored in the Reveal LINQ ICM, not the Patient Assistant. It will be sent during your next automatic transmission.