Your Reveal LINQ System was designed for portability. When you travel or fly, simply follow these simple steps:

Pack your MyCareLink Monitor.

Small and lightweight, the setup, operation, and global cellular access make the MyCareLink Monitor convenient to use wherever you go. The monitor must always be plugged in and in a location that receives an adequate cellular signal. It should easily pass through airport security checkpoints.

To confirm availability of coverage in a specific country, please go to

Make security screening easy.

To minimize the risk of temporary interference, avoid touching metal surfaces around any screening equipment and simply walk through the archway at a normal pace. If a hand-held wand is used, ask the security operator not to hold it over your implanted heart device.

Take your Device ID Card with you.

If you have concerns about security screening methods, show your device ID card, request alternative screening, and then follow the instructions of the security personnel. This card can also be used if you are questioned by airport security about your MyCareLink Monitor.