We’ve provided answers to some commonly asked questions that may arise while you’re wearing the SEEQ System. If these answers don’t answer your question, please contact the Medtronic Monitoring Center during the hours noted below.

Do I need to carry my Transmitter with me?

Yes, always carry your Transmitter with you to help ensure the Medtronic Monitoring Center and your physician can get your important heart information as quickly as possible. You should remain within 30 feet (9 meters) of the Transmitter for successful data transmission.

What should I do when I feel symptoms?

Whenever symptoms occur, trigger the monitor to transmit a record of your heart activity by pushing the Patient Trigger button located on the sensor until you hear a "beep." An ECG will be sent by the transmitter to the Monitoring Center for review and delivery to your physician.

Do I need wireless Internet access or a cellular data plan?

No, the SEEQ MCT Wearable Sensor monitor and Transmitter communicate with built-in cellular technology. Then the Transmitter sends your data to the Medtronic Monitoring Center via global satellite cellular signals. There is no cost to you for data transmission.

What if the SEEQ MCT monitor causes my skin to itch?

In the rare event that you experience skin irritation while wearing the SEEQ MCT monitor, speak with your physician.

Will I need to change the battery in the monitor or the Transmitter?

Battery replacement is not required for either device. However, we recommend that you charge the Transmitter every night.

 Medtronic Monitoring Center Customer Support

Customer support employees at the Medtronic Monitoring Center are available to help you with any questions related to your system. Please call the monitoring center for additional support with:

  • Application or replacement of the SEEQ wearable sensor
  • Questions about documenting symptoms you may experience
  • Questions about insurance coverage
  • Addressing transmission issues or general troubleshooting


Monday-Friday: 8 am – 10 pm (Eastern time)
Saturday & Sunday: 8 am – 6 pm (Eastern time)

Note: The Monitoring Center does not identify or respond to emergencies. Rather, the Center periodically provides reports about the data to your physician so your physician can evaluate the information and take any action needed. You should continue to rely on your doctor for all medical treatment; Medtronic Monitoring, Inc. does not have a physician/patient (or other health care provider/patient) relationship with you.

The SEEQ MCT System and the Medtronic Monitoring Center are provided by Medtronic Monitoring, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Medtronic, Inc.