Traveling with the

Your SEEQ System was designed for portability. When you travel or fly, simply follow these simple steps:

Make sure your transmitter is with you at all times.

The Transmitter will remain charged for up to 12 hours. If you plan to be away for longer than 12 hours, take the charger with you as well. If you are traveling by air, the monitor and transmitter may trigger airport detectors, but they will not be damaged.

Take your Patient Travel Card with you.

When traveling by plane or entering high security areas, simply notify security personnel that you are wearing a medical device and show them your patient travel card.

Check data transmission coverage.

Data transmission coverage in the United States is based on cellular network coverage. Not all locations may have coverage. If you are planning to travel outside of the United States, you need to discuss this with your doctor as the SEEQ MCT System will not be able to transmit your data outside of the United States.

The SEEQ MCT System and the Medtronic Monitoring Center are provided by Medtronic Monitoring, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Medtronic, Inc.